•     We are in today's Deccan Herald! Lovely to see our fledgling initiative being recognised and cheered on. Looking forward to having lots more that is newsworthy in the months and years to come. (apologies to folks with low vision or others who use screen readers. We tried, but failed, to get a copy of this text that we could upload as background text, and this photo isn’t great either. We wish you could all read this, but we're running up against the internet here. So sorry! ) Also: typo in the headline! But maybe yes, this time round, chance rather than change — agli baari se change hoga, pakka! ;)

    Feb 17,
    - by Aditi Rao
  • At our second meeting, we all wrote "I am from" poems about our ideas of home, based on the five senses. The idea was for each of our young people to share their identities with each other in a celebratory and specific way. Here are two examples of two very different lives, in English and in Hindi, speaking to each other HOME TO ME by Srishti Choudhary I am from a place where I get love, I feel so free as if I am a flying dove. A place where I can smell the lemongrass fragrance, I see my mother removing her lens. I am from a place where I get love, Where I get my grandparents' blessings and my parent's hug. A

    Feb 10,
  • Responses ranged from "gajar ka halwa" to "odonil ki smell"; "Mummy ka pyaar aur Papa ki maar" to "khaiton mien Dadi ki gaay." A particularly moving moment was when one participant mentioned the sound of bomb blasts; at first some participants laughed uneasily, so he clarified that he grew up in a war zone and will always associate the sound of a bomb blast with the idea of "home."

    Feb 09,
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