• Pleasantly surprised (and amazed!) to discover how widely the story of our show has traveled. The premiere of our show had found a home in an Iraqi newspaper today! Today's online version of the Iraq Sun carried the story behind the making of 'Walk!'. To read their article, click here.

    May 24,
  • What a fantastic couple of shows we had! We've just started reading through all the feedback we received from the audience after our show, and we've been tearing up at regular intervals. Here's some of what we heard: "After watching this show, I will start respecting the teenagers and their input to the society" "The show changed me as an individual. It has told me how we can change the scenario while being peaceful rather than being violent." "I go back to my teenage and childhood - experienced the same, did not have the courage to accept." "More than 'understanding' other's problems, what changed in me was that another person's experience could be felt equally well." "I learned that I need

    May 24,
  • So excited to see such widespread coverage of the show on the internet! Ummid.com covered our second performance tonight: "Twelve teenagers came together on stage to convey their stories of struggle, social issues that affect them most and the changes they dream of. 'Walk!' - a collaborative production inspired by the stories, struggles, dreams and hopes of the group was presented at the Studio Safdar here on Saturday." To the read the entire piece, click here. And keep checking in for further updates!

    May 23,
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