• A new season of Tasawwur, beginning with new partnerships! We're super excited to share that we are now going to be collaborating with Action for Ability Development and Inclusion (AADI). What this means: our weekly rehearsals will now take place in a fully accessible building, right across from a metro station on the yellow line. Plus, AADI has offered to have support staff at hand for participants who have special needs, and also to support the facilitation team with ideas, skills, and resources we might need as we begin to work with a more inclusive group. So grateful to therefore be able to open the program up to many more young people with different kinds of disabilities, and to also

    Sep 29,
    - by tasawwur
Accessibility Statement

We have done our best to make this website accessible to screen readers, individuals with colour blindness, etc. If you are a user with a disability and have trouble navigating this page, please drop us a line telling me the problem and a possible solution?