• Yesterday, we had the first meeting of our youth leadership team -- 4 teenagers who participated in the first cycle of the program, and who have now come back to co-lead the second cycle. We were so incredibly moved by the sincerity and sensitivity they brought into the room -- the gentle explorations of what it would mean to create an inclusive environment for their peers, one of them expressing his sadness at the way he felt someone was ignored by the group, the commitments they wrote down about the ways in which they want to be there for their peers through this cycle. It was a conversation about how leadership isn't always about being at the front of the

    Oct 24,
    - by tasawwur
  • Less than a week to go for the start of the second cycle of Tasawwur, and we're very excited to announce a host of new partnerships! This time round, in addition to all our older partnerships, we are welcoming on board teenagers coming to us through Apne Aap Women Worldwide, Teach for India, Aid Noida and more! So wonderful to see so many young people getting excited about the arts and social inclusion, and looking forward to a more and more diverse group each year!

    Oct 12,
    - by tasawwur
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