• Last Sunday, one of the alums called: They had decided to show up at rehearsal and were just calling to let us know. We were moved by the way they own the space and told them they were welcome. We later got this email from Muskan Sethi about returning to Tasawwur. And it made us tear up, reminding us why we do what we do. "The blindfolds might deceive you, But for us, they're everything. For you, the noises might be too loud, But for us, even the silences sing. Coming back to tasawwur was like stepping into a completely different world, a world very different from the one I live in, and a world I miss as much as

    Nov 30,
    - by tasawwur
  • As people around the world mourn the loss of so many lives to violent extremism, in Paris, in Beirut, in Baghdad, and in so many other places, this talkĀ helps locate this violence in larger realities of young people's dreams and the power of empathetic social networks. As Scott Atran offered world leaders advice on how to counter cultures like the ISIS, we were moved by the overall recommendation "let youth engage other youth in making sense of the issues on their plate. Find concrete ways to empower them rather than to control them." The recognition of the power of empathetic peer networks, towards any end violent or nonviolent. resonates deeply with us, as does the focus on helping young people

    Nov 14,
    - by tasawwur
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