• This past weekend, Tasawwur's board-to-be met to sign the legal paperwork and begin our journey towards becoming a full fledged organisation! In case you're wondering who these behind-the-scenes folks are that are going to guide Tasawwur' development for the next 5 years, here you go: Aditi Rao: Writer and Founder of Tasawwur Niranjani Iyer: Actor, Director, Choreographer, and all things awesome about theatre Kandala Singh: Independent Researcher and Writer Akshay Saxena: Co-founder of Avanti and Ashoka Fellow, Echoing Green Fellow, and so on. Samina Mishra: Filmmaker, Children's Book author, Neha Buch: CEO, Pravah Anita Vasudeva: Writer, Editor, Coach Wish you could be in that room full of laughter, dreams, nuance, groundedness, excitement, wisdom, commitment, and experience that this group brings

    May 10,
    - by tasawwur
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