Tasawwur announces its third show (February 15th to 18th)

Feb 10, 2017

“Chuppan Chuppai” is a play about masks, about the ways in which we hide, and the moments in which we allow ourselves to be seen. It is a play about bravery and vulnerability, trust and suspicion, challenges and solidarity.  The production brings together three narratives: A boy navigates the complexities of domestic violence and alcohol abuse in his house; A Hindi-speaking student struggles to prove himself in an English medium school; a boy in a wheelchair struggles to pursue his education despite the inaccessibility of schools in his area. Through an interplay of story, dance, and mask-work, these teenagers explore the complexities of the world in which they live and to create hope in the midst of difficult circumstances. While the stories have been fictionalised, they are all based on the experiences of cast members.

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