In the post-show feedback forms, 70% of audience members expressed interest in staying involved with Tasawwur in the future. So far, they have helped us recruit participants, raised funds on our behalf, offered pro-bono legal services, made cash and inkind donations for the program, and volunteered time with us.

“The show touched every chord in my heart. It made me more
“I really want to start listening to and respecting teenagers more!”
“As a teenager, I could really connect to everything that was being
said on stage”
“This show made me ponder many issues, such as discrimination,
that I otherwise take for granted”
“I feel that I need to learn more patience and less judgment”

“I must be more supportive towards the teenagers in my life.”
“It was wonderful to see children from such diverse backgrounds
develop such deep empathy.”
“This made me think about how homogenous my social circle is!”
“More than ‘understanding’ other’s problems, what changed in me
was that another person’s experience could be felt equally well.”
“After watching this show, I will start respecting teenagers and their
input to the society”
“The show changed me as an individual. It has told me how we can
change the scenario while being peaceful rather than being violent.”

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