• Over 500 people watched Tasawwur's third show, Chuppan Chuppai, over four days (February 15th to 18th, 2017) at Akshara Theatre, New Delhi. 21 teenagers from across the city came together to tell their stories and advocate for the changes they wish to see in the world. Each performance ended with an interactive Q & A with the cast.  

    Feb 20,
    - by tasawwur
  • We are thrilled to be on the recommended list of weekend activities for dilliwallahs! Come watch us perform! Read more at: https://lbb.in/delhi/lbbrecommends-5-events-to-put-on-your-weekend-checklist/

    Feb 16,
    - by tasawwur
  • “Chuppan Chuppai” is a play about masks, about the ways in which we hide, and the moments in which we allow ourselves to be seen. It is a play about bravery and vulnerability, trust and suspicion, challenges and solidarity.  The production brings together three narratives: A boy navigates the complexities of domestic violence and alcohol abuse in his house; A Hindi-speaking student struggles to prove himself in an English medium school; a boy in a wheelchair struggles to pursue his education despite the inaccessibility of schools in his area. Through an interplay of story, dance, and mask-work, these teenagers explore the complexities of the world in which they live and to create hope in the midst of difficult circumstances. While

    Feb 10,
    - by tasawwur
  • CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS We are pleased to announce that our third production will stage at Akshara Theatre from 15th to 18th February. Our teenagers and facilitators are hard at work putting the play together and we will have a name for you soon! We are reaching out to our community of supporters, many of whom have volunteered in the past, to help us put up a successful and smooth production. What do we need help with? ​-- Back-end production tasks to ready sets, props and printed material for show days. ​​-- Ushering, managing registration desk, stage management and backstage tasks during show days (February 15th to 18th, 2017). -- Photographing and videotaping the show. -- Putting us in touch with

    Jan 13,
    - by tasawwur
  • Tasawwur started out entirely as a volunteer collective, and our volunteers have remained our greatest strength. Special shout-out today to the incredibly always-there Siddhant Aggarwal who has taken out practically every Sunday since November to help us at rehearsals. Any given week, he can be found playing music or Bruce Lee videos over lunch on his phone for our young people, finding a balloon pump in Gautam Nagar, bringing us too much dessert, singing on demand, stuffing too many dupattas into a magic bag, trying to find us a sponsor for the show, sporting a perfect ponytail, or being drawn into intense emotional exercises with great ease... and generally bringing a wonderfully light, gentle energy into every rehearsal. No idea

    Jan 01,
    - by tasawwur
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