• A reporter from Scroll came into our last rehearsal and spoke to our teenagers about what Tasawwur means to them. Here's her piece, with the perfect headline: http://scroll.in/article/803647/silence-please-the-children-have-something-to-say

    Feb 18,
    - by tasawwur
  • We have exciting news! "Silence, please” is a new, original theatre production written and performed by teenaged participants at Tasawwur. The show brings together three different narratives: Two friends navigate religious differences and family pressures to discover new ways of relating to each other; a young woman with a disability struggles to find her place in a community of peers; a Dalit boy finds solace from bullying in a supportive teacher. In the process, each set of characters discovers her or his unique journey through the realms of silence and voice, listening, and speaking. The stories, although fictionalized, are all based on the experiences of cast members, and in the process of scripting new endings to these fictional stories, they

    Feb 01,
    - by tasawwur
  • Pleasantly surprised (and amazed!) to discover how widely the story of our show has traveled. The premiere of our show had found a home in an Iraqi newspaper today! Today's online version of the Iraq Sun carried the story behind the making of 'Walk!'. To read their article, click here.

    May 24,
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