We bring together a diverse group of teenagers, cutting across lines of class, caste, gender, religious groups, disability, and refugee status. Our teenagers participate in an intense, 100 hour creative process, through which they share their stories, discuss the issues most important to them, learn from each other’s experiences, and dream together of a more just, peaceful, and loving world.  
A Youth Leadership Team, comprising 4-6 teenagers who have taken part in a previous cycle of the program, co-leads the program with the facilitator. Each leadership team member is responsible for supporting 4-5 program participants  as well as constantly offering curriculum input. Youth leadership team members work with the facilitators to continually tailor the program to the group and forefront issues raised by participants outside workshop hours; they ensure that  young people have an ongoing say in program design and execution and play an authentic role in leading the program.
Drawing upon their own experiences and ideas,  program participants work together towards a theatre production that addresses one or more major social issues that they face and want to challenge. ‚ÄčThis performance seeks to give program participants a direct experience of teamwork and ensemble. Further, this is envisioned as an opportunity for participants to open conversations with their peers, teachers, and families about the complex issues they grapple with and seek to change.
Accessibility Statement

We have done our best to make this website accessible to screen readers, individuals with colour blindness, etc. If you are a user with a disability and have trouble navigating this page, please drop us a line telling me the problem and a possible solution?